Frequently Asked Questions

Meet & Greet
Before any walks or visits are performed, we will have a meeting where we can be introduced to your pet and vice versa.  This will take place in your home.  We will make sure we completely understand all the details of what is necessary to make your pet feel safe and loved while in our care. 
We will also review and sign our Service Agreement and gather your Veterinarian information. 
Please have TWO sets of tested keys available for exchange at this time.  There will be a charge if you need us to come back to pick-up the keys.
Minimum visits
To insure the safety and good health of all pets within our care, we have requirements for the minimum number of visits when clients are out of town​.
Dogs-  We require a minimum of two visits/day for dogs, and highly recommend three.  Even if your pup is a champ at “holding it” while you are away, your canine friend may experience sadness or anxiety which could lead them to have an accident.   Each time someone stops by to take them for a walk, play ball in the yard, or simply rub their belly, they feel a little less alone and can more easily handle you being away.  This allows your travel to be virtually worry free, knowing your beloved pets are content.
Cats-    We require a minimum of one visit/day for cats.  For all you cat owners out there who think this is not necessary, I ask you to think of all the silly predicaments your cat has gotten his or herself in throughout its life.  Felines are curious creatures, and when you are away they tend to explore more than usual, which can often lead to them getting hurt, stuck or worse.  For the well-being of your kitties and home, we must enforce this rule.
Job Sharing
Annella’s Trails and Tails cannot be held responsible for your pet or home if another service provider, friend, or family member enters your property while we are not there.  We are bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates, however the policy is only effective if we are the exclusive ones caring for your pet in your absence.  Though it may seem convenient or a good way to save money, having more than one party involved with your pets care tends to lend itself to mistakes.  Assumptions are made, communication is not what it should be, and animals get fed too much or not at all.  The same goes for walks, medications, home security, and the list goes on and on.  One of our strongest attributes is our attention to detail.  In our experience jobs go much more smoothly when a solo party is taking care of a pet.
We do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, including squeezing in same day appointments or rearranging walk times at the last minute.  We also understand that sometimes emergencies occur which are out of our control.  In those circumstances there is no penalty for cancellation as long as we receive notice before 7 pm the day prior to your scheduled dog walking service and a 48 hour notice before cancelling any scheduled pet sitting service.
How much notice do you need to perform a walk/visit?
There is no minimum notice required to schedule a service with us, however the earlier you book, the more likely we are able to fit you in.
What is your cancellation policy?
Must be notified before 7 pm the day prior to the scheduled dog walking service and require a 48 hour notice before cancelling a scheduled pet sitting service.
Can you walk my dog exactly at 2pm each day?
We can do our best, but we do ask for a 2 hour grace period (ex. 1pm-3pm). Generally we will be there the same time each day, but this allows us to account for unforeseeable circumstances.
How much is the initial Meet & Greet?
Are you insured?
Yes, Annella’s Trails and Tails is bonded and insured.
Will I have the same sitter/walker each time?
YES, we know dogs enjoy consistency and can be nervous of a continual cycle of random walkers. We always schedule you with the same person also to limit the number of people in your home. However, if your assigned walker/sitter is not available, you will have a back-up walker who will also be present during your meet & greet.
When I give you keys, how do I know they are safe?
We do not write any addresses on the key ring, When the keys are not in use, they are kept in a lockbox.
How do I know what occured on the walk? 
Your walker/sitter will either email or text you after each visit.
Do you have references?
Of course!! We will happily provide references.​
Do you work on Weekends and Holidays?
Yes we do. We would prefer services on these days  to be scheduled ahead of time but on-call services can be arranged depending on availability.  We can not guarantee we will be available if you do not scheduled in advance. 
What is your service area?
We live and service the amazing neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens.  Your location can be anywhere from 72nd Street to 88th Street between Roosevelt Avenue & Northern Blvd.

What are your business hours?
Our regular business hours are Mon-Fri 10 am - 5 pm.  We also work on Weekends & Holidays by appointment.
Can you give me a list of Holidays?
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter,  Presidents Day/ Washington's Birthday,   Memorial Day,   Independence Day,   Labor Day, Columbus Day,    Veterans Day,   Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve & Day,   New Years Eve & Day.