Dog Walking
Cat Sitting
Puppy Visits
We commit to one-on-one walks or small group walks to give your pup what they crave: social interaction, exercise and stimulation. Let us show your beloved pooch the joy of a walk with a buddy.
We offer scheduled & on-call dog walking services. 

Monday thru Friday (10am to 5pm)

5 or more visits per week  
$17.00 per 30 minute visit
4 or less visits per week
$18.00 per 30 minute visit

Additional charges
Same day Booking add $3.00
Visits booked for before 10am/after 5pm add $3.00
Weekends add $5.00
Holidays add $10.00
Additional Dog add $10.00
Our cat sitting service includes quality time with your pet, hugs, belly rubs and lots of love. Playtime, petting and brushing as requested. Basic feeding and water changes & we will ensure the cleanliness of all food and water bowls. Scoop clean litter box and clean up of any accidents. As well as watering any indoor plants and bring in your mail.

10am to 5pm -- $20 per visit
Additional charges
Holidays add $10.00 per visit
Litter Dump & Clean add $10.00
Key Pick-up/Drop-off add $10.00 per trip.
Medicine administration add $5.00 per visit
Additional Cats over 2 add $3.00/cat

Bringing home a puppy is very exciting! While they might not be quite ready to go outside, they would still need someone to come to take care of them.

Puppy visit services include: playtime with your puppy, potty breaks, feeding meals and cleaning up of any accidents.
Most importantly, they will not be  all alone for an extended amount of time.

Pricing is the same as the
​Dog Walking Services